About Becky


Hello! My name is Becky and my passion is baking!

I started at a very young age with my grandma and my passion quickly grew as I started experimenting with baking and finding what really worked for me. As I grew as a baker I then began to work with decorating and making little projects just testing out different methods and before I knew it I was creating edible art.

Aside from baking I am also crafty in many other areas, I love to draw and crochet. Repurposing items is something I have a lot of interest in and love upcycling.

I have 2 furbabies that mean the world to me, Hals my 7 year old chihuahua and Zelda my 1 year old kitty. I am also in a long term relationship and I am close with my family.

I would be honored to be part of your next celebration and look forward to this adventure!

One thought on “About Becky

  1. I love your Cake, It is the best tasting cake I have ever tasted in life, AND i MEAN THIS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. i TRULY LOVE IHEARTCAKE BY BECKY!

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