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Hello all!  I wanted to update on the cake I was writing about in the last post, I ended up starting over the next day and cramming all the work of the baking and decorating in one day.  I will start MUCH earlier next time!  I managed to get it all done but I was sure tired!

Nothing else were wrong (or funny) while baking the cake and cupcakes but I had a heck of a time with the fondant (at first).  I was planning on using regular store bought fondant just for the base and then using my own homemade marshmallow fondant for the actual design/details.  I decided this because the party was going to be held outside (pool party) and here in Florida it would be in the 90’s with high humidity and I have read that the marshmallow fondant does not hold up as well as regular.  So I get the fondant out and start kneading it to get it workable and adding color as it was white and it was just crumbling and not holding together.  I worked with it forever adding different things to try and save it!  It didn’t work; I threw it away and decided to take my chances with my homemade fondant.  So much easier to work with!  My frustration level went down a LOT!  I get the cake covered in my sky blue fondant flawlessly and make another batch to make all of the other colors I’d need and it went without a hitch.

By the time I got the cake all decorated I realized I was one bag of powdered sugar short (due to the extra fondant I had to make) and I couldn’t make the buttercream for the cupcakes.  That had to wait until the next morning after a trip to the store.  I wonder what the cashier thinks when I come through every day when I have a project (sometimes more than once) to buy only powdered sugar or butter in bulk!  I really should just buy more at once but that would just be too easy 😉

I made it to the party with everything finished and the birthday boy was super excited, that made all the work completely worth it!  The marshmallow fondant held up just fine in the heat and humidity and was a lot better tasting than the regular so that was a big win! 

Lesson learned, make the fondant several days in advance and make sure I have all of the ingredients to make the cake the day before decorating!  That would have lessened the time spent the day before the event and all of the stress that brought with it!

I’m happy with how everything came out and got a lot of compliments ❤

The cake is chocolate filled with Oreo pudding and buttercream and the cupcakes are a mix of chocolate and vanilla topped with buttercream.ImageImage