Comedy of errors!

I have a project for a birthday cake covered in fondant so I decided to start early to have plenty of time to decorate.  Sounds good right?  Well, I got out of work today around 8 pm and headed home, took care of my pets, changed into pj’s and then sat down to take care of a little bit of business online and before you know it it was after midnight!  I get distracted easily 😉

I don’t have to be in bed at any particular time so I wanted to start on my cake regardless of the time.  I head into the kitchen and start getting everything out that I need and realize I don’t have but a pinch of sugar!  Oh no!  I contemplated waiting until morning to go out and get more to bake the cake but decided to go ahead and get some now.  So I head over to the closest 24 hour drugstore and pick some up.

Good, now I’m ready!  So I start putting stuff together and when I got to the unsweetened cocoa powder for the chocolate cake I found that I only had 1/3 of what I needed.  Oh no again!  Why I didn’t check this before I went to the store I have no idea!  I did not want to head back out as now it’s around 1 am and I’d already been out so I start looking for alternatives.  I find some hot chocolate power…hmm…I know it’s not at all the same but I added some to the real unsweetened cocoa powder I have and dump it in.  Either it works or it doesn’t, we shall see!

Oh but that is not all, I also use a cup of hot coffee and when I got my Keurig going it started making funny sounds and nothing was coming out!  What?!  It’s not even that old!  I powered it off and back on and tried again, this time it is spitting out some liquid but also still making a weird noise.  I moved it a bit and more coffee started pouring out and I ended up with enough.  Whew.  Still worried about my little coffee making baby though 😦  So I pour the hot coffee into my measuring cup (back story, I dropped my usual measuring cup the other day and broke it) and it cracked all down the side.  Goodness, I guess I should have seen that coming but my last measuring cup could handle it just fine.  Managed to get the coffee into the mix and finished up the mixing.  Now on to pouring it into the pans, didn’t seem to be as much as usual but I got both pans filled and in the oven.

Obviously if this doesn’t turn out tasty I will made a new cake with the proper ingredients tomorrow and will just have to do everything in one day somehow!  I am excited to see what becomes of it!  And if I have to do it again tomorrow, I wish better luck upon it!  🙂