So much has been going on lately!

In my last post I wrote about the marshmallow fondant I made and since then I made a ton more and decorated a cake!  It was done just for fun and not for anyone or anything in particular but it really turned out awesome!

I made a cherry almond cake via this recipe and made my own vanilla buttercream to crumb coat.  I let it sit for a day before I was able to make the fondant and decorate so it was good and ready to go.  The cake turned out a bit heavy for me but had a nice flavor and my hubby loved it!  The chunks of cherry mixed in really made it.  

Here is the cake after it was all decorated


And here you can see the cherries



Can’t wait to make some more!

Marshmallow Fondant

Last night I made some lovely {pink} marshmallow fondant for the first time.  It was a very easy to follow recipe and turned out great!  Only two modifications I plan on making when I make it again but I’m very pleased 🙂

Now I just need to bake a cake to really see how it does!



My little dog also snuck in the picture haha.

And here you can see my Hello Kitty cut out in action