Hello beautiful people!

Beckycakes is back! I’ve got the motivation and time (sort of) and I am looking forward to making beautiful and tasty treats for you again!

I’ve had a lot of changes over the last several years and I had taken the time mostly off from everything. I moved 4 times and that alone made it hard, I didn’t have a proper place to bake! Also with all of the changes it took an emotional toll on me and I just didn’t have the passion I needed.

I am moving yet again but it’s a good move and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead!


And I’m an aunt now to this beautiful little girl Adalyn! I’ll be moving closer to her and I’m really excited about that!





Whew it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged! I haven’t been baking too much lately, took a hiatus of sorts for the holidays. Busy time of year! Did a little personal baking and that was about it. I have however been doing some other business related stuff.

Last year was a good year getting in some more experience and clients & it was also the year I discovered my homemade marshmallow fondant! And at the beginning of this year I broke 100 fans on facebook! ♥♥ Love all of my wonderful fans!! Great start to the new year! I also created a Twitter & Instagram (@itsbeckycakes).

The last big project I did was an awesome grooms cake in the theme of the Atlanta Braves! It turned out great. Simple cake with a lot of detail put into the theme. Used my marshmallow fondant, of course, to decorate! I’m going to make a separate post for the details and pictures so keep an eye out!

I’m REALLY excited about the next project I’m doing! I’m making a birthday cake an cupcakes for a 1st birthday! I’ll post more about that later.

Otherwise, I’m focusing on advertising and social media pretty heavily. 2014 is going to be a big year! My goal is least 6-8 big projects this year. I’ve already got one booked and it’s just January so I think I’m off to a great start!

XoXo ♥ Becky

So much has been going on lately!

In my last post I wrote about the marshmallow fondant I made and since then I made a ton more and decorated a cake!  It was done just for fun and not for anyone or anything in particular but it really turned out awesome!

I made a cherry almond cake via this recipe and made my own vanilla buttercream to crumb coat.  I let it sit for a day before I was able to make the fondant and decorate so it was good and ready to go.  The cake turned out a bit heavy for me but had a nice flavor and my hubby loved it!  The chunks of cherry mixed in really made it.  

Here is the cake after it was all decorated


And here you can see the cherries



Can’t wait to make some more!